Glamping Food!

IMG_0665So we got back from our Homeschool Convention and I had a week to get ready for our vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  I had done a little prep work but my parents came into town and were a lifesaver!  As usual they were such a blessing to me and helped out in so many ways!  My husband was gone for the week again.  May was a crazy month in my house, my poor husband was only home 7 days and to be perfectly honest it was rough on me! Wrapping up  our homeschool stuff, wrapping up our dance schedule, and getting ready for 2 Rv trips.  I am so looking forward to getting away and relaxing with just my family.  People are shocked sometimes when they find out we like to RV and go on our adventures.  I don’t quite understand the “look” I get sometimes??  I mean come on, I don’t look like a camping girl?? Ok I even chuckled at myself on that one.  So here is a little more about me and why I love my RV.   Here is the deal, I love to go on a date night with my husband to a wonderful restaurant, relax have a nice glass of wine and a great, fresh meal.  I don’t mind spending money on a wonderful evening like that.  What I don’t like is going somewhere with the family and spending $60 on a meal that I know is junk! Sorry but truth.  You add that $60 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that can be quite expensive and you haven’t even done any of the fun stuff yet!  I am not gonna lie, vacations can be hard sometimes when you eat a certain way.  If we ate out the way we eat at home I can only imagine how expensive that would be let alone finding the restaurants while on vacation.  So that is where my RV is awesome!  I get to have my awesome coffee, my fabulous wine, and great meals all in the comfort of my home on wheels and my clean, comfy, germ free bed! Yes I might have some issues but I am ok with them 🙂  Here is the hard part, I don’t want to have to work, work on vacation.   Meaning I don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking while everyone is having fun.  I do alot of prep work before we head out.  I had 13 meals done before we rolled out of the driveway.  I was in the kitchen for days not gonna lie.  My parents were there helping with all the dishes because I might have just started throwing them out instead of cleaning them, at the time it made perfect sense to me !  I had my glass jars lined on the counter preparing marinades, trimming chicken, pork, steaks, etc to be supersaved and ready to go.  It was alot of work but now my job is done, wine must be poured and time to relax and enjoy my hard work!

Here is our dinner menu while we are roughing it the Rodrigue way 🙂

*BBQ Thai Pork Tenderloin

*Sweet, Spicy Chicken (I did 2 of these because we all love this dish, and yes I plan to share)

*Dijon Maple Chicken

*Teriyaki, Pineapple, Ginger Chicken

*Balsamic Chicken

*Salsa Chicken

*Sweet, Tangy Spare Ribs

*Seasoned Turkey Burgers

*Filet Mignon

*BBQ Chicken


*Creamy, Pesto Sun-dried Tomato Chicken

Not too shabby of a dinner menu if I do say so myself!  Honestly this is the reason why I love my RV.  We get to take the kids on awesome trips but I still have the comforts of my home.  So here is to a fabulous, relaxing vacation!  Can’t wait to share our pictures with you! I also had to share my “camp fire” set up  with you! It was one of the reasons I had to stay here.  This RV park is over the top!  Glamping at its finest.  My hubby knows how to keep me RVing and enjoying it! haha



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IMG_0421 (1)

My fridge packed full of fresh yummies!


Check out the packing job on that freezer!


Yucca fries and spare ribs.