Tennessee Vacation!

FB TNWe just got back from our family vacation in the great state of Tennessee!  I have to tell you that I was completely surprised how beautiful it was up in the Smokey Mountains and how much fun you can have.  To be honest I humored my husband on this trip because he has a love for the mountains and wants to go there every time he gets a chance.  He found a gorgeous RV park so I was on board.  At worse case scenario the park was so nice I knew if there was nothing else to do then we would still have fun and after the hectic year we have had so far the idea of just sitting and doing nothing sounded fabulous.  Well I could have not been more wrong, yes I know it does happen occasionally, hahaha.  The last part of the drive was so pretty and the closer we got the more excited I got!  Once we got off the exit to the campground, I spotted wineries, coffee shops, and shopping.  I got stars in my eyes and didn’t bother to notice anything else, just kidding :).  Before the trip I did a little research but if anyone knows me, they know I am the worst at research and this was clearly the case in this vacation.  The only 2 things we did on my list of to do’s was the farmers market and the Dollywood.  Which were both equally fun in their own way.  The kids got excited over the rides at Dollywood and I got excited talking with the Grass-Fed Beef farmer.  To each his own right?!

So here is a little recap of our vacation activities: Fishing morning and at night for my two men, Dollywood, go-cart Racing, we rented a boat, where my dear hubbies phone decided it wanted to part ways and took a long dive into the lake (that boat ride was way more expensive then we thought it would be), Cavern Tours, Wine Tasting, lots of shopping, visited downtown Pigeon Forge, visited every ice cream shop in the area (gasp I let my children have non organic ice cream, sometimes you just have to live on the wild side and I know how to be a little crazy from time to time :)), several trip to Bass Pro Shop (where I just sipped my coffee and strolled along pretending not to be bored with all the fishing stuff, haha), swimming in the pool and water slides, bike rides, campfires, and lots of uno card playing. It was a perfect family vacation in my opinion.

I am happy to report that we had no major issues on this road trip, it was a nice and boring trip with no tire issues, no broken glass, and no flying watermelons.  We are finally getting everything down for these long road trips.  It seemed like there for awhile we boy would scratch our heads and say we are much smarter than this, how could we forget to do that!  We have a system now and make a great team at loading, unloading, well you get the drift.  Oh and I have a freezer full of grass fed beef and bones for bone broth which makes me oh so happy!! (The beef farmer either thinks I am really nice or crazy for getting so excited about his bones!!)

So we are back home and now I am getting ready for my daughter’s 8 Birthday Party.  She has chosen a Tea Party and boy am I having fun with this one!  Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!



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Here are a few pictures of our trip!

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