My Favorite Things Party!

When I say this is my most favorite time of the year, I am not kidding one bit.  I try and maximize every day and every moment I possibly can.  And it is a HUGE excuse to throw a big party!  My sister and I do this with our friends every year and now it has become a tradition in the towns we live in, we throw a My Favorite Things Party.  In a nut shell, you have to bring a wrapped gift of your favorite things up to $30 for a gift exchange and yes you can steal the gift 2 times before it is frozen.  We always have gifts stolen cause my friends rock and buy the coolest stuff, we have good belly laughs watching grown women pout when someone sneaks up and snatches the gift. The next gift is usually just as awesome and the pouts quickly change to hiding the new gift.  My favorite thing to give away this year was a Christmas tote (cause we all know I have bag problems), essential oil diffuser, RTIC tumbler, and my favorite chocolate bars.  I got accused of spending more than $30 but I reminded everyone this was my party and I could do what I want to 🙂  No one seemed to argue with me on that point. 🙂  I just couldn’t decide so I went with it all.  Less stress that way. haha  I also had a table filled with gifts to hand out.  I had a raffle and every 15 minutes I called a number and handed out gifts.  I had Keratin Complex hair products, Wine Glasses, coffee mugs, Champagne, Wine holders, Scentsy, LuLaRoe Leggings, R&F gift cards and of course some Red’s Reality mixes.  I had some awesome friends who donated some items.  I will have to do that one again because if was so much fun playing Ms. Claus.

Everyone brings an appetizer to share and the amount of food we have is just crazy! No one goes home hungry I can assure you.  I always have a table full of desserts and this year I had 9 desserts for everyone.  I had snickerdoodle and lemon cookies, 2 different chocolate barks, cake pops, chocolate haystacks, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, chocolate shortbread cookies, and the overall favorite of the night….mint, praline truffles.  All desserts were Paleo and Gluten Free and I don’t think anyone could tell the difference.  The other thing I always have is my famous Holiday drink.  Decaf Coffee ice cubes, peppermint kailua, whipped cream vodka, almond milk eggnog with whipped cream.  So delicious and just screams Christmas in a cup!  My girlfriend is amazing behind the camera and is always snapping pictures so I get to share a few of the pictures from my party.  I will also be having some of these desserts up on the blog soon! Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and spending time with those that you love.

Many Blessings,